Supportive Reentry: The Life-Saving Bridge

by Megan Falkenstein

Spring 2021

Joy, a dedicated donor, community member and small business owner recently shared why she has chosen year after year to partner with Sponsors. She candidly explained, “People don’t understand the trauma experienced for someone that comes back after prison. And it’s not just the person who’s been to prison; it’s everyone that loves them, their family, their support networks. If they even have anyone left in their corner when they get out. For my family, Sponsors was this life-saving bridge between myself and my child.”

Joy described how proud she felt when her son completed the transitional housing program with Sponsors. She knew his successful reentry was due in part to the second chance he received through the program. Now, as a supporter, Joy feels a deep sense of comfort and happiness knowing that her generosity makes it possible for others to receive the same help her family received. “Everyone deserves the chance to see their child change and transform their life after serving their time in prison. People that have been to prison shouldn’t get a double sentence because of their record. Without help, my son wouldn’t have been able to find a place to live and a job. The work you are doing, it’s just so important.”