One in every twelve Oregonians is a veteran.  According to the Oregon Department of Corrections, one in every ten people incarcerated in Oregon’s state prisons is also a veteran.  This means that the percentage of veterans living in Oregon prisons is higher than the total percentage of veterans living in our communities.  With 95% of incarcerated individuals eventually returning to our communities, Sponsors felt it important to establish a re-entry program specifically designed to support the unique needs of the veteran population. Read more

Dear Friends,

It is a fascinating time to be engaged in the work of reentry.  For many years, Sponsors and our supporters have been advocating for system changes and watching as the state’s prison system continued to grow at the expense of important services like education.  After years of growth, the pendulum has begun to swing.  And Sponsors, widely regarded as a model program, has been at the heart of the conversation at both the state and national level. Read more

While Wayne Bailey was in prison he made plans to stay clean, sober, and crime-free so that his addiction wouldn’t drag him back to prison ever again. He says that coming to Sponsors was a key component in achieving those goals.

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