Spotlight on Success: Elizabeth

by Skye Ten Eyck

Spring 2021

We see every day the ways that people can and do change! Elizabeth is a perfect example of why second chances matter. She has been through Sponsors—twice.

Elizabeth explains, “I was in a different head space the second time I paroled, so I definitely appreciated being accepted into Sponsors more. My case manager was always there for me if I needed her and I really loved the Trauma group that I was in.” She continues, “I also participated in Neurofeedback [Therapy], which I had never heard of before coming to Sponsors, and I loved it. I recommend it to everyone.”

After completing Sponsors transitional housing program, Elizabeth received support through The Way Home: Lane County Reentry Collaborative, Sponsors’ permanent supportive housing program. Through this program and her own hard work, Elizabeth was able to secure her very own apartment and continue working to reach the goals she set for herself when she released.

She has reconnected with her family and is proud to have her son living with her in her new apartment. Elizabeth has now begun looking for ways to give back and help others, She currently supports fellow women releasing from incarceration by talking with them about their own journeys, and taking them to church and recovery meetings.

Elizabeth has also held down the same job for over a year. She is incredibly proud to have achieved this personal record. She has also recently accepted an internship as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor! We’re so proud of Elizabeth and the inspiring transformation she has undertaken.