Meet Raymond

Homeless, broken down, addicted to drugs, and feeling like any chance of getting out was impossible.

This is how Raymond describes his life before Sponsors. It couldn’t be further away from the Raymond you see smiling here today. His life has been truly transformed!

Upon releasing from prison to Sponsors, Raymond secured a good job and quickly saved enough money to move from transitional housing to independent long-term housing. Persisting in his hard work, Raymond obtained his driver’s license, bought a reliable vehicle, and kept marching toward his goals.

“I used to be impatient—always looking for a shortcut… Now I am early to my appointments. I do things the right way, abiding by the law. My life is less stressful, and people want me as a friend, family member, even a father and a dedicated employee.”

Today, Raymond is a part-time student at Lane Community College, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Facilitator and full-time Case Manager at Sponsors. For him, the best part of working for Sponsors is the opportunity to see lives transforming and people making positive changes.

Sharing why he loves being able to work for Sponsors now after completing the program himself, Raymond says, “Watching someone come in who has really messed things up time and time again—whose family wants nothing to do with them—and seeing as the pieces all come back together. Relationships restored, parents reunited with their children or other family members, when they come back from a job interview and get a call back saying they got the job, when they make the right decisions under trying circumstances… That’s what I love.”

From houseless to homeowner, from Sponsors participant to staff, Raymond continues to grow and strives to be a role model for individuals just beginning their reentry journey.