Letters of Transformation: Richard

by Richard

Spring 2021

Twenty years ago, I was released from prison the first time. When I got out, I was accepted to Sponsors and I got a job the next day! Having a roof over my head and a job, it was wonderful. It was clean and nice. I was very surprised. Almost in shock.

They trusted me and it was so important. When you make a mistake or you’ve done something wrong, people won’t trust you. While at Sponsors I was connected to a mentor and I was ready to change. A lot of us have nobody when we get out, so to have a friend that can help you with resources – something even as simple as getting underwear – meant a lot to me. The program also gave me structure. I got my ID and I followed the rules- like cleaning, cooking for myself and learning to work together with my roommates. Being at Sponsors really did help me transition out of prison life and back into our community. I wouldn’t have stayed out of prison without Sponsors.
A lot of people that are incarcerated just give up on themselves. Somehow, I did not. Since getting out of prison I have accomplished things. I know I can work and I can continue to communicate and accomplish more. Prison does not offer rehabilitation but Sponsors does and for that I am so grateful.