Letters of Transformation: Joseph

 I first heard about Sponsors while I was living at a halfway house after releasing from prison. People usually release from prison to Sponsors, so I had to work with my parole officer in order to get admitted. I felt lucky when I learned that I had been accepted and that I could move into Roosevelt Crossing.

Right away I noticed my case manager was there and really wanted to help without judgment. They had a computer lab and people to help with looking for work. I wrote my first resume! They also offered to connect me with a mentor who, as it turned out, I like a lot.

Finding work was a challenge with my charges, but thanks to my mentor and the Sponsors staff I was able to get on my feet again. I completed the Transitional Housing program and moved into an apartment.

I am still in touch with my mentor to this day, and I really value his friendship. It can be pretty lonely when you leave prison and are trying to stay away from bad influences.
I feel good that I can now find and keep a job.

I have learned the skills I need to work well with other people, something I was not good at before. Sponsors helped me get my family back into my life. I want to say thank you for the second chance I received, despite my mistakes.