Partners in Transformation

Partners in Transformation is a monthly giving program where every dollar directly funds life-changing supports for folks who have experienced incarceration.


Ready to pave the path to transformation?
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Our Partners allow us to provide the important programs and services necessary for successful reentry.

With the generous monthly support of individuals just like you,
Lives are changed, every single month.

Join a compassionate group of like-minded people who share a common vision of a better community for all.

Together, we can build that better community.
Transformation happens here.

See Your Impact Break Down Barriers

Your gift unlocks doors and creates access to stable housing and income, counseling and positive mentoring relationships. Throughout the year you’ll receive updates about how you have helped an individual find their footing outside prison gates.

Reduce the Risk of Recidivism

The risk of reincarceration is reduced significantly when individuals are given the right tools upon reentry. We’re committed to keeping those numbers down and keeping our community safe. Your support directly improves the conditions of our community.

Pave the Way to Justice Reimagined

As a Partner in Transformation, you play an integral role in extending support and reimagining justice for the many individuals who face the difficult challenges that come with reintegration after experiencing incarceration.

Questions? Contact Megan Falkenstein, Development Director, at 541.735.6401 or [email protected]