Mentorship Moment: Summer 2022

Can you imagine, after being locked up for decades, finally digging your toes into warm sand, walking on the beach and feeling the Oregon Coast breeze against your skin? What a truly freeing feeling it must be for formerly incarcerated people!

The Mentorship Program plans fun and engaging activities all year long, but the coast trips are always a favorite. The views of the seemingly infinite ocean, in addition to hikes and gorgeous blue skies offer a restorative space to reconnect with nature. Participants often report that the trip leaves them feeling inspired and rejuvenated. One mentee said it best as he got his first sight of the ocean:

“This is what I’ve dreamed of for so many years.”

The mentorship community is so special to Sponsors. Connections made can last a lifetime, and be such a powerful lifeline for people rebuilding their lives after incarceration. If you are interested in learning more about the program, or volunteering as a mentor, please contact Amy Myers at [email protected]