Lisa’s Got Spirit!

We’re thrilled to announce Lisa Bryant as the 2022 recipient of the Jeffrey Shervey Spirit Award! Every year, Sponsors staff nominate an employee who demonstrates dedication, collaboration, integrity, kindness, and humility.

After receiving her award, Lisa shared: “Because of Sponsors, I have my family back. Sponsors gave my husband the tools to be a productive member of society. After he finished working on himself here, we were able to be together as a healthy family unit with all our children! Working here, I get to work with individuals who I can relate to, I can help them, show them understanding, and compassion, because I have been them. I can be the example of what doing the next right thing can get you. Also, I can give back to the community, that I once took so much from. I was never incarcerated, but I waited many years on the outside while my husband was. During those years, I was in active addiction. I didn’t have access to the support services our individuals do. I often felt alone, and carried a lot of shame. I am proud to be part of a support team that brings people together as staff, and participants, who have had similar experiences to be part of the solution now, and not the problem.”