Jace Supports Residents on Road to Recovery

A rocky path led Jace to his dual positions (Peer Support Specialist and Certified Recovery Mentor) at Sponsors, but he looks back on his journey without regrets. After struggling with addiction and heartbreaking loss, Jace decided it was time for a change. He completed drug and alcohol treatment and headed to Eugene to start his life over.

“I knew nobody here and needed a fresh start in a new place,” he said.

Jace built a solid foundation in Eugene, and quickly realized he wanted to help people experiencing the same struggles he had overcome. When he learned about an opportunity to join the Sponsors staff, he knew it was the right move.

“I thrive off making a difference in the world. I believe that each and every person on this planet deserves to live a happy and healthy life,” he explained. “I’m living proof of the fact that recovery is possible.”

His passion for helping people is evident in Jace’s work at Sponsors. He loves talking to participants, and never hesitates to share both his struggles and his triumphs. He wants everyone to realize that, no matter how unsettling their past may be, they are capable of creating a satisfying future.

And Jace is, most certainly, a testament to that. Every day he expresses gratitude, offers grace, and practices humility—all in the name of empowering folks to transform their lives.

About his journey, Jace says: “Ultimately, I’m so happy to be exactly where I’m at in life at this moment. I’ve made mistakes—but I don’t regret one second of my past, for it is every moment of my past that created exactly the man I am today.”