For more than 40 years Sponsors has been providing myriad services to men and women exiting the prison system, endeavoring to improve the lives of everyone in our community. The people who come to us are homeless and indigent upon their release. Without assistance, someone who leaves prison can wind right back in custody, having committed a new offense. Or they end up living on the street, at risk of being victimized themselves or committing another crime. In the long term, their family and community stay broken. With your donation to Sponsors, our clients have a different story.

With Sponsors’ assistance, the majority of our clients will be:

  • Drug- and alcohol-free
  • Working at full-time jobs or as full-time students
  • In stable, permanent housing
  • In compliance with the conditions of their parole

Your donation can help people create their own stories of success after prison

Thanks to United Way for its loyal support of our work!