Welcome Aboard, New Members of Sponsors Board of Directors

Shareen Springer

Shareen comes to the Sponsors Board with a background in restorative justice, and with a deep dedication to dismantling the pipeline that delivers young people from schools into prisons. She is committed to this work both on the ground through her professional roles, as well as within her emerging scholarship as a PhD candidate at the University of Oregon. Shareen joined Sponsors to serve those most impacted by prisons and conviction histories here in her own community. She sees the work and mission of Sponsors as part of reimagining justice, community safety, and belonging.

Dallas Boggs

Dallas has served on the Eugene Police Commission for the past two years, and was recently re-elected to serve as Chair. He’s seen, firsthand, the way that an individual can make a difference when afforded a seat at the table. As an African American man, he possesses a keen awareness of the racial disparity that abounds in Oregon’s criminal justice system.
That’s why he is passionate about Sponsors’ mission to help people with conviction histories get back on their feet, and rewrite their stories. As he says, “In life, we can all make mistakes and we should all help in any way that we can.”

Trina Renfrow

Trina is excited to be joining the Board of Directors. She has a deep belief in Sponsors’ mission of empowering people with conviction histories to transform their lives by providing life-changing opportunities. Having been a recipient of Sponsors’ services that she describes as “profound,” Trina is a true testament to the power of a second chance. For over a decade, she worked at the Downtown Campus sharing her experience and strength with other women at Sponsors. Now Trina is honored to have the opportunity to give back by serving the agency she says helped save her life.

Mandy Dorman

Mandy believes that compassion and opportunity are critical to community healing. While working at an Oklahoma organization helping justice-involved individuals, she learned the importance of proximity to building compassion—and of compassion in creating opportunities for people to heal. She is dedicated to listening to, and learning from, people who have experienced firsthand the oppressive criminal justice system. A native to Eugene, Mandy is a third-year law student at the University of Oregon working toward a life of advocacy for those whose voices need uplifting.

Doug Bovee

Growing up watching his father run a pharmacy, Doug developed an early interest in pharmacology that led him to pharmacy school at the University of Florida, and medical school at the University of Miami. He became interested in Addiction Medicine while working at the Cabrini Recovery Program in Seattle in the 1980s. After becoming a certified expert, he moved to Eugene in 1992, and spent many years working as an addiction medicine specialist at Serenity Lane. Now retired, Doug is an active mentor at Sponsors and works part-time as medical director of the Lane County Medication Assistance Treatment program.