The Way Home: Lane Reentry Collaborative

By Skye Ten Eyck

Winter 2021

The Way Home: Lane Reentry Collaborative has been quietly gaining momentum for the last couple of years. Much of its phenomenal success can be attributed to effective collaboration. Sponsors has been working with Homes for Good Housing Agency, Third Sector Capital Partners and Lane County Parole and Probation to provide permanent housing and supportive services to individuals releasing homeless and at greatest risk to become reengaged with the criminal justice system without additional support. Wraparound services include case management, behavioral health services, mentorship, financial assistance, and support in securing employment and education.

Since the project formally launched in September 2018, The Way Home has placed more than 115 individuals in Permanent Supportive Housing.

At the two-year evaluation point 91 percent of participants remained stably housed and 95 percent have not been convicted of a new felony offense. These outcomes are tremendous, exceeding the program’s targeted benchmarks and fueling the initiative’s continued momentum.

Furthermore, The Way Home models the opportunity to utilize outcomes-based contracts to address complex social problems. It is an exciting and unique approach to reform in that it literally pays for success—funding is linked to the effectiveness of the program in achieving measurable outcomes.

This innovative model has the potential to revolutionize how government entities create incentives for community-based organizations to achieve better outcomes for the populations they serve.