Excitement was everywhere as our newest housing complex, The Oaks at 14th, opened in May to welcome residents eager to live in safe housing in a beautiful environment. We are so grateful that you, as a Sponsors partner, helped ensure that more than 50 individuals who successfully completed Sponsors’ transitional program can live in new, affordable apartments.

The majority are seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities who struggled to obtain permanent housing. Even with steady income, sobriety, and time served, many were on the verge of homelessness because they were continuously marked – and judged – by mistakes made in a distant past.

Sponsors’ Executive Director Paul Solomon remarked at The Oaks’ dedication ceremony, “As Henry Ward Beecher once said, ‘One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.’ We are here today to support the best success of every person living here.” The Oaks was developed in partnership with the Homes For Good Housing Agency (formerly known as HACSA); Lane County Parole and Probation; and with support from county leadership, the neighboring community, and people like you.

Because of your tremendous support, some of Lane County’s most vulnerable community members now have an opportunity to realize their best success. Thank you!


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