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Tree (Adam Myers), Mentorship Program Case Manager

Tree (Adam Myers) is originally from the Chicago area, spending time along the way in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and Oregon.

After serving as a youth pastor for several United Methodist churches over the span of nearly a decade, Tree switched gears to focus on completing a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 2010 and working in social services. He helped to start residential programs for teens and adolescents in need of intensive behavioral and mental health care and for young men in danger of losing their parole due to minor violations. He has also worked with teenage women with substance abuse issues to transition from juvenile detention facilities to home.

Tree’s primary focus has always been on preventing vulnerable populations from falling through the cracks of modern life and he looks forward to continuing this work as a Mentorship Program Case Manager. He is thankful to have the love and support of his partner for the last 20 years and never turns down an opportunity to build something fantastic out of Lego parts with their son.