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Kristie Mamac, Assistant Program Director

Kristie was raised in Eastern North Carolina and considers herself a “military brat,” as she’s been affiliated with the Marine Corp and the Air Force all of her life. Military orders brought her and her family out west in the winter of 2009 and then to Eugene in 2011. In Eugene, she began pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice at Lane Community College, where she became involved with Sponsors as an intern through the college’s Cooperative Education Program. She continued to volunteer after completing her degree at LCC until she was hired as the Mentorship Administrative Assistant. She later became the Mentorship Pre-release Case Manager—matching participants with mentors before they released from state institutions. Kristie graduated from Northwest Christian University in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and assumed the role of Assistant Program Director in January of 2016. She enjoys watching people develop lasting relationship and appreciates the fact that the Mentorship Program gives both mentors and mentees an opportunity to become engaged with one another and in the community in a meaningful way.