Jennifer Jackson, Mentorship Program Director

Jennifer was born and raised on the east coast and moved out west in 2002 to pursue a degree at Northern Arizona University in Environmental Humanities. She became passionate about the human connection to the natural world, and how nature could serve as a place of healing. This led Jennifer to study abroad in New Zealand and continue her education with an M.A. at Prescott College in Adventure Education. Specifically, Jennifer was working toward connecting individuals to nature who may otherwise face barriers to leisure and recreation, including adjudicated youth, adults with physical and mental limitations and/or barriers, and low income families. From alternative schools to youth mentoring programs to wilderness therapy, Jennifer has seen the direct positive impact that leisure can have on lives, including opportunities to build trust, enhance communication skills, increase self-esteem, and be placed in situations where one may need to step outside of comfort zones, face and overcome fears, and feel accepted within a community.