James Hare CRM, Peer Mentorship Coordinator and Workforce Readiness Program Instructor

James Hare, Lead Peer Recovery Mentor, is a current student at the University of Oregon. James played a key role in the implementation of the Sponsors, Inc. Peer Recovery Program. He is the Peer Recovery Mentor for the Lane County SB 416 Program, which helps support clients with a history of property crimes and drug and alcohol abuse, and is a PRM for program participants in the Access To Recovery (ATR) Program. He is a Certified Recovery Mentor in the state of Oregon and is trained in Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS), Motivational Interviewing and Motivation Enhancement Therapy. James participated in the UO Inside/Out program and is also a 2014 recipient of a University of Oregon Centurion Award for outstanding leadership and service to the UO and its community.