Our Newest Housing Project: Tiny Homes at Roosevelt Crossing!


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From The Director:

As the season changes and the autumn leaves tumble, I am reminded of the changes that Sponsors participants make as they engage in the daunting task of reentering the community.

Sponsors’ programs require participants to change more in 60 days than many people change in a lifetime.
Like bright green leaves bursting forth in spring, they are starting anew. We help program participants establish their roots in fertile soil by providing them with the resources and supports they need.

With The Oaks at 14th fully occupied, we are witnessing the profound impact of permanent supportive housing on the lives of people with criminal histories. The housing crisis in our community is real, however, and providing affordable housing options for the hundreds of men and women who successfully complete our programs each year remains a challenge. To meet the growing need, Sponsors is embarking on a new, exciting housing project.

With your help, we plan to build a tiny home community that will include 10-12 tiny houses, a community garden, and a community center. The
project will be on property we own behind our Roosevelt Crossing facility on Hwy 99.

I am incredibly grateful for the many ways you support our work. You allow us to fertilize the soil and cultivate growth for returning individuals.
Because of your support, our community thrives. Thank you for all you do.

Wishing you a most joyous holiday season,

Paul Solomon
Executive Director

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