Facilities Maintenance and Warehouse Technician

FSLA Classification: Non-Exempt
FTE: 40 hours

Organizational Purpose: Support the mission of Sponsors assisting individuals from Lane County, released from Oregon state correctional facilities and the Lane County Jail in making a successful re-entry into our community.  Sponsors is nationally recognized as a model utilizing best practices in re-entry services.

The Facilities Maintenance and Warehouse Technician position is responsible for assisting the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator on basic construction, maintenance, landscaping and painting projects at Sponsors’ properties; as well as assisting the Procurement Manager with warehouse donations, food inventory and distribution, and supervision of participants from the Release to Lane County program.  It is a split position with about 50% of the time allocated to both roles.

When working for the Maintenance Coordinator, an emphasis will be placed on preparing rooms to be rented in our long-term housing properties and addressing maintenance issues at the Downtown Campus.  Sponsors oversees maintenance for approximately 150 residential units and several administrative/program buildings.

While in the Procurement Department, this position will coordinate all warehouse donations from community members; help distribute clothing, furniture, and household items to participants; and assist in proper food storage, sorting, and distribution. Most tasks while conducted alongside Sponsors residents and Release to Lane County participants.

Essential skills include, but are not limited to: the ability to effectively multitask, carry out a task from beginning to completion, and prioritize multiple requests for repairs/maintenance.  A proactive approach, cooperative attitude, and ability to maintain clear and timely communication are key to success in this position.  A commitment to positive representation of Sponsors in the community is critical.

Reports to: The position is supervised by the Operations Manager. Day to day work occurs with guidance and direction from the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator and Procurement Manager.

Supervisory Responsibilities: None.


Responsible for daily property maintenance for all of Sponsors facilities.
• Proactively work to keep Sponsors buildings and grounds well-maintained to minimize the need for more expensive long-term capital repairs and replacements.
• In accordance with a turn schedule and a maintenance task list, prepare rooms to be rented in-between renters.
• Identify and communicate to the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator other repairs and replacement needs.
• Point person for all minor repairs at the Downtown Campus.
• Contribute towards making Sponsors facilities safe and in good working order.
• Respond to occasional emergency after-hours and weekend requests as needed.

Responsible for duties associated with the Sponsors Warehouse.
• Speak with community members to schedule private donation pickups, drive the box truck to homes and businesses, load items into the truck and neatly sort items in the warehouse.
• Assist in picking up food from Food for Lane County each week. Help properly sort and store bulk food on delivery days from partner vendors.
• Help maintain a high level of cleanliness and organization in the warehouse, only keeping quality items that are in good working order.
• Work alongside residents and volunteers, reporting any concerning behaviors to the Procurement Manager.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Basic construction, maintenance, landscaping, and painting skills.
  • Basic understanding or general compassion for individuals engaged with the criminal justice system.
  • Ability to work independently without direct supervision.
  • Ability and willingness to ask questions and seek clarification when uncertain about a task or directive.
  • Ability to prioritize and organize a variety of tasks
  • Good time management skills
  • Attention to detail.

Education and Experience: 2 years minimum experience working in maintenance or related field.  Food Handlers Card can be obtained after hiring.

Work Environment: At times works alongside colleagues, volunteers, program participants, and supervisors on a variety of projects in around Sponsors facilities.  Most of the job is field based, but dedicating office hours each day to respond to emails and phone calls is critical.  It is a physical job with lots of movement, lifting, and bending.


Physical Demands:
• Ability to carry up to 25 lbs. up and down stairs.
• Able to work in the elements outdoors.
• Bending, kneeling, lifting, carrying heavy objects.
• Comfortable climbing ladders up to two stories high.

Additional Requirements: Must possess a valid driver’s license and be comfortable driving and backing a box truck.

Individuals with conviction histories are encouraged to apply. 

Because some properties do house children, applicants must not have restrictions against contact with minors.