Operations Manager

FSLA Classification: Exempt
FTE: 1.0
Salary Range: $45,000 – 55,000 annually

Organizational Purpose: Sponsors seeks to improve outcomes and opportunities for individuals with conviction histories and to assist individuals releasing from incarceration in their successful reintegration to our community.  Sponsors is nationally recognized as a model utilizing best practices in reentry services. 

Reports to: This position reports directly to the Director of Program Development.

Supervisory Responsibilities: This position supervises all of the staff on the Maintenance and Procurement team, as well as individuals participating in the stipend program. 

Primary Objective: The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the Maintenance and Procurement Department, IT Requests, and Long-Term Housing Property Management and facilities.  With a focus on quality care for all Sponsors facilities and those who reside in them, the Operations Manager will regularly interface with staff and residents, and will work in close collaboration with the Administration and Finance Team, as well as Sponsors Program Directors.


1. Guide and manage the daily operations of the Procurement Department, providing food, supplies, clothing, and household items to individuals housed at Sponsors.
• Manages a food services program that values minimal packaging, reduction of single use plastics, and local quality food.
• Builds and maintains a culture in the warehouse to be environmentally responsibility in recycling or donating unwanted or broken items.
• Ensure the food budget is being spent accordingly each month.
• Guarantee that food storage and distribution is occurring in a manner that is equitable for all residents and that aligns with OSHA food safety standards.
• Follow Food for Lane County partner guidelines and oversee all required reporting.
• Ensure any staff handling food has a current Food Handlers License.
• Oversee any grant-funded activities, contractual obligations, and funding disbursement related to the Procurement Department.
• Makes certain that donation items are shelved in appropriate labeled spots, unwanted items are relocated elsewhere, and all items on-hand are stored in a safe and orderly fashion that ensures the well-being of all staff and participants.
• Facilitate morning meetings to review daily tasks.
• Guide staff to ensure RLAN participants are being supervised appropriately and are working with the Operations Team in accordance with their restrictions.
• Manage the archive room.

Support, develop, and oversee the Maintenance Department.
• Supervise the maintenance team for work at all Sponsors facilities, including Transitional Housing sites, administrative/program buildings, and all Long-Term Housing properties
• Ensure all facilities are in legal compliance with OSHA requirements, and maintain all OSHA records.
• Oversee the partnership between Maintenance and Property Management, ensuring property turn schedules are proceeding as planned and long term housing maintenance requests are addressed.
• Review all maintenance department expenses and supervise large scale spending projects.
• Create an annual maintenance schedule for all Sponsors properties, and ensure staff consistently adhere to this schedule.
• Ensure the maintenance team is adhering to required safety protocols in the workplace.

Responsible for overseeing and implementing ongoing trainings, drills, and safety precautions to ensure Sponsors is operating safe spaces with minimized risk.
• Plan, orchestrate, and document required monthly fire drills at Roosevelt Crossing and the Downtown Campus.
• Ensure all staff are up to date on First Aid/CPR and Blood borne Pathogens certifications.
• Conduct twice annual Emergency Drills.
• Manage the Titan Emergency App and ensure all staff receive training.
• Share the emergency plan with all new staff; hold refresher courses regularly; update as needed.
• Ensure that safety issues are being addressed in a timely fashion; including managing security cameras, cautionary signage, and exterior lighting.
• Facilitate and record quarterly Safety Team Meetings per OSHA standards.

Oversee Sponsors Long Term Housing Property Management team.
• Supervise the Long-Term Housing Property Manager and Maintenance staff responsible for maintaining Sponsors’ long term properties.
• Ensure that long-term housing opportunities are available to current and former Sponsors residents though a process that is equitable, accessible, and in accordance with Fair Housing Law.
• Support the Long-Term Housing team to work in partnership with The Way Home, Parole and Probation, Quantum, Homes for Good, Jennings, and any other property owners with whom Sponsors maintains a lease or agreement.

Manage all IT issues, requests, and projects.
• Receive, triage, and direct requests related to computers, security cameras, phone system, and printers to contracted IT providers.
• Track projects to ensure staff have the equipment necessary to conduct their work.
• Oversee the staff Tech and Office Supply room where all extra IT supplies are stored.
• Manage contracts and approve invoices from IT providers.
• Ensure security cameras are working properly, and acquire footage for staff when requested.
• Develop, track and monitor replacement schedules for IT equipment.
• Receive budgetary approval to purchase upgraded technology equipment.

Oversee the resident stipend program.
• Equitably recruit current and former Sponsors residents to work for a monthly stipend in a variety of skill building positions on Sponsors’ properties.
• Track and approve monthly stipends.

• Oversee the permissions and functions of the Z Drive, and ensure it remains organized.
• Oversee environmental practices around campus to align with the Bring ReThink Certification program. Ensure staff and residents are following all practices as outlined in the Rethink Program to maintain the organizational philosophy that ecological business practices are of value.

Skills and Knowledge:
• Ability to excel while working independently with little supervision.
• Knowledge/understanding of barriers (collateral consequences) related to a conviction history.
• Demonstrated experience working across teams or programs to develop shared goals and practices.
• Excellent organizational management and time management skills.
• Supervisory experience – ability to develop staff work plans, oversee daily tasks and responsibilities, and cultivate professional growth.
• Leadership experience – Identifies strengths, works alongside staff as a coach and guide, develops plans to grow staff to meet the mutual needs of the organization and the staff members’ individual growth areas/goals.
• Entrepreneurial spirit – overseeing and maintaining existing programs/practices while identifying areas to grow/change with buy-in from other staff.
• Creative thinker/problem-solver – approaches challenges with optimism and an eye toward opportunity and innovation.
• Holistic approach – both with respect to service provision (whole person approach) but also with respect to collaboration and intra-agency collaboration/communication.
• Professional Communicator – Demonstrated ability to develop and cultivate professional relationships and maintain collaborations with community partners.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office products, online data collection and reporting platforms, and web-based platforms to support access to housing and employment.
• Experience in a social advocacy role.
• Comfort driving a box truck would be helpful in this position.

Education and Experience:
• Experience supervising staff performing a high volume of detail-oriented work on a timeline.
• Experience triaging and prioritizing competing interests to maintain smooth program operations
• Experience working with individuals experiencing homelessness and/or individuals involved with the criminal justice system.

Work Environment: This position most often works in an office environment, but frequently participates in work that is outside, in the warehouse, or on-site at long term housing properties. May encounter frequent interruptions throughout the work day. 

Physical Demands: 
• Sitting (or standing) at a desk for prolonged periods of time. Noise level in the work environment is typical of that of an office environment.
• At times participating in physical work that may involve walking, lifting, climbing stairs, or carrying heavy objects.

Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

This description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not proscribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

This job description is subject to change at any time.