Max Williams of Oregon Community Foundation Speaks on Behalf of Sponsors & Reentry

InterVision Media and Sponsors jointly produced a video answering some important questions about my reentry dollars matter, how Sponsors is a leader in reentry in Oregon, and how Sponsors is essential to public safety in Oregon.

We Celebrate 40 Years of Providing Reentry Support in Lane County; Enjoy This Short Video

2013 has been a very busy and successful year at Sponsors. Among the most exciting of events this year was our celebration of 40 years of providing reentry services to the men and women returning to Lane County after a period of incarceration.

Please enjoy this short video that highlights the work we are doing at Sponsors, and Happy holidays!

 Sponsors Named among 100 Best Nonprofits in Oregon—Again!

Paul-@-September-2012-100-Best-Nonprofits-Dinner-240x150Sponsors does amazing work in the community of Lane County. A lot of people know that. But did you also know that the folks who work at Sponsors also really love what they do, what Sponsors does?

Sponsors, Inc. has been ranked #3 among the top 100 medium-sized nonprofits in the State of Oregon. Participating nonprofits had to employ at least 10 Oregon workers. For the 2012 survey nearly 5,000 nonprofit workers rated their satisfaction with 169 organizations in 25 workplace qualities — five in each of the following categories:

  1. Work environment
  2. Management and communications
  3. Mission and goals
  4. Career development and learning
  5. Benefits and compensation

The #3 award comes to Sponsors based on: 1.) Employee-completed surveys; 2.) organization representatives answering 50 questions about agency practices.

The award was presented to Paul Solomon in Portland in late September, and is a great reflection of how Sponsors is run and how staff feels about working here (staff surveys are the lion’s share of the ranking).  In fact, when Paul was being given the award, Oregon Business talked about how unique Sponsors is in offering full medical and dental benefits  to full-time employees (with no employee contribution required).

We also won an award at last year’s ceremony, so employees remain very satisfied with their workplace and benefits remain excellent.

Eugene was well represented at the awards ceremony, taking home 3 of the 10 awards that were given.  Full Access and ORI also received awards in the medium and large nonprofits, respectively.

At the awards ceremony they also showed a video they produced that highlights a number of nonprofits from around the state.  It’s 10 minutes long but if you watch the first minute, you will see Michael Wright (Men’s Program Director) and Amy Cook (RRC Director).

This award is really for the staff and board speaks to what an amazing organization Sponsors is.

“How Can I Help Others?” asks Corey, Now a Local Chef

Corey Stoneburg successfully graduated from the Sponsors Transition Program and is currently participating in our year-long Honors Program. Corey is a wonderful cook, always brightens people’s day with kindness, and has done numerous things to enhance the lives of people he meets at our Roosevelt Crossing location. We’re proud of him and his achievements.