Reentry With Compassion

Your partnership ensures individuals receive compassionate and caring support that includes mental health services. Compassionate reentry reduces recidivism and strengthens our community.

Individualized Counseling

Our team specializes in trauma-informed care based on mindfulness. Learning to identify emotions in the moment, without shame or judgment, paves the path toward self-regulation. Lives transform as folks learn to better manage stress and control their emotions.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy provides a safe, supportive environment to develop skills, build trust and strengthen the spirit of community at Sponsors. It also teaches participants how to effectively communicate about emotions.

Meet Our Behavioral Health Team

"Having lived through experiences with the legal and behavioral health systems myself, I have a unique perception of the problems people here are facing. I want to be able to give back to the local community in a meaningful way."
Max Morris
"The reason I do this work is because I believe that growth and change is always possible and I want to help support people who are working towards this growth and change to rebuild their lives after incarceration"
James Hare