Women’s Transitional Housing

Sponsors Downtown Campus, where the Women's Program is located.

Sponsors Downtown Campus, where the Women’s Transitional Housing Program is located.

Sponsors, Inc. provides reentry services to women returning to Lane County from jail or prison in a caring, supportive environment that allows them to rebuild their lives and allows mothers to reunite with their children.

Transitional housing is provided for program participants to acquire employment, schooling or disability benefits, save money and move into permanent housing. Participants stay for an average of 60-90 days and receive twice weekly drug/alcohol tests and intensive case management. Long-term Honors housing, lasting up to one year, is also available for clients demonstrating both the highest need and ability to succeed.

During the first 30 days at Sponsors, program participants are expected to find a job and begin saving money toward housing deposits and rent. The Reentry Resource Center, located at Roosevelt Crossing, provides job search help, referrals, computer access, resume writing and interview trainings, as well as financial literacy and writing classes and a monthly legal clinic.

Sponsors also offers parenting classes, 12-step meetings, cognitive-based Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and a Mentorship Program to match program participants with others in the community for an active, healthy social life. For more information about transitional housing through our Women’s Program, contact the Women’s Program Director Joan Quaempts at 541-485-6738.