Getting Into Sponsors

RC Courtyard

Sponsors Roosevelt Crossing courtyard

Sponsors provides transitional housing and other necessary services to individuals releasing from correctional institutions in Oregon who are paroling to Lane County. Our application process takes into consideration length of incarceration, risk to re-offend and other relevant factors. People who have served eight years or more and/or are at high-risk to re-offend (as evidenced by a validated risk-assessment tool) are given highest priority.

If you are seeking admission into Sponsors’ Men’s Program, please write to  Executive Director Paul Solomon at:

Paul Solomon

Attn: Admission

338 Highway 99 North

Eugene, OR 97402

If you are seeking admission into Sponsors’ Women’s Program, please write to Joan Quaempts, Women’s Program Director, at:

Joan Quaempts

Attn: Admission

767 W. 8th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97402