Can you imagine trying to establish a stable, successful and happy life without the important foundation of a home? For many, the very thought of this would be completely unimaginable. Yet for folks reentering our community after experiencing incarceration, this is preciously the situation they find themselves in.

Finding and securing a home can be one of the single most challenging barriers faced, in a successful reentry.  And with the absence of a home, tackling health challenges, finding and maintaining employment and developing healthy relationships becomes further out of reach. With this major challenge in mind and the important and generous support of our wonderful partners, Sponsors has steadily grown to ensure we can provide more critical housing options.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is designed to provide folks a short-term, stable home and wraparound services including employment and education support, mental health services and mentorship as they reenter the community after incarceration.

Roosevelt Crossing

Downtown Campus

Permanent Housing

Long-term, supportive housing is available to folks facing a higher risk for recidivism and additional barriers to securing housing in the private market. Our long-term housing programs offer extended services to help participants achieve self-sufficiency.

Jeffrey Commons

The Oaks at 14th

Seeking Admission

If you are seeking admission into Sponsors, please write to Executive Director Paul Solomon at:

Paul Solomon Attn: Admission
338 Highway 99 North
Eugene, OR 97402