On Friday, June 17th, Sponsors had the auspicious occasion to celebrate our latest housing venture: The Oaks at 14th. Upon completion (slated for Spring 2017), this attractive facility will house 54 men in permanent housing.

It will give priority to veterans, alter-abled and elderly persons who have successfully completed Sponsors transitional housing program and are ready for more permanent housing with some additional supports.

With much support from Sponsors staff and Board of Directors, as well as public officials, the construction and architecture firms on the project and local law enforcement agencies, we officially broke the ground on this project designed by Bergsund Delaney and in process by Essex Construction.

More news about the project is forthcoming.

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  1. Hi I am interested in finding out more about your program and completion of new housing Apts. I havw several young men that I am trying to help get back on track and need assistance. Just a concerned interest in our young and restless. A concerned citizen .