Sex Offender Housing


Sponsors provides housing for 10 men with sex offense backgrounds. This program has been in operation since 2004. The program was driven by the dire need to provide safe and supportive housing to sex offenders in Lane County. Given the stringent housing limitations placed on people convicted of sex offenses, many individuals with those convictions are rendered homeless. For many clients in this program, Sponsors offers a safe and supervised alternative to the streets.

Clients are referred by Lane County Parole & Probation or have completed Sponsors Men’s Transitional Program. Clients can stay for up to two years, rents are $300 a month, and tenants are able to establish rental histories. Clients in this program are required to be working or in school and to remain clean and sober. Many are engaged in sex offender treatment. The building is staffed by a full-time resident manager and many residents maintain connections to Sponsors on-site programs.

Sponsors is committed to being a good neighbor and playing a critical public safety role by offering these much needed services.